Our Organic Airbrush Spray Tan utilizes our exclusive, water-based 100% organic formula with organic aloe vera, organic vegetable base glycerin, organic white green tea extract and Pro-Vitamins. The alcohol and preservative free solution provides the safest and most health conscious approach to tanning. Treatment is applied by an airbrush specialist. You can get a light, medium or dark tan and enhance the organic experience by adding organic fragrances.

Formula exclusively made by Olive Organic Tan.


The owner of Rebel Rose, Danielle Owimrin, worked with Olive Organic Tan Spa in NYC and Montclair for the past 3 years and has exclusive rights to use Olive’s Organic Tanning Formula and spraying technique.


Airbrush tanning is a process that uses an air compressor and airbrush delivery system to gently and evenly apply tanning solution to the skin. The tanning solution is streak-free, applies easily and evenly, absorbs quickly, gives a natural-looking golden tan, and fades like a real tan. You will not have to expose yourself to hours of damaging UV rays which can cause burning, premature aging and even skin cancer. Airbrush Tanning is safe, quick and provides the best results compared to conventional tanning methods, without damaging your skin.


The active ingredient in the airbrush tanning DHA-dihydroxyacetone derived from organic sugar cane interacts with the proteins and amino acids in the outer layer of your skin to produce a golden brown color, this reaction takes 4 to 8 hours to visibly emerge into a golden tan. It then continues to develop over the next 24 hours. The color that results varies slightly from individual to individual, just as UV tans will differ, according to natural skin tones. This is different than the UVA and UVB rays of the sun that stimulate the melanin pigment in the skin.
Airbrush tanning produces a golden brown color without skin damage. It works on the top layer of the skin only and will shed, or fade like a suntan over several days. The way the tan fades is dependent on the way each person naturally exfoliates his or her skin.
The longer and more regularly you spray tan, the better the tanning effect will wear.
The airbrush tan is applied by a certified airbrush tanning technician who tailors the service to your body.


Organic Spray tan

Standard Rates
Full Body — $55
Half Body — $33
Face & Neck —$22

Packages for Full Body
3 Tans — $150 ($50ea)

5 Tans — $225 ($45ea)
10 Tans — $400 ($40ea)

Packages for Half Body
3 Tans — $90 ($30ea)

5 Tans — $140 ($28ea)
10 Tans — $250 ($25ea)

Organic Self Tanner & Tan Extender
by ME Body & Soul
8oz. (240mL) — $48

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